About Lizee

We make the retail industry circular

At Lizee, we are early-adopters of the new economy: we pay for using a product and not anymore to own it.

We combine our unique circular economy expertise with the most advanced re-commerce software technology on the market today to support the rapid implementation of circular models.

Hey! I’m Anna Balez,
CEO of Lizee!
Hey! I’m Aurore Biarnes,
Product Manager!
Hey! I’m Mohamed El Hamdioui,
Logistic Assistant!
Hey! I’m Timothée Emery,
Cofounder & CTO at Lizee!
Hey! I’m Arthur Wirbel,
Lead Front-end Developer!
Hey! I’m Nicolas Fiascaro,
Front-end Developer!
Hey! I’m Pablo Castro Salazar, Circular Economy Specialist!
Hey! I’m Alexandra Vandenweghe,
Operational Customer Success!
Hey! I’m Sophia Mathieu,
Back-end Developer!
Hey! I’m Sophia Mathieu,
Back-end Developer!
Hey! I’m Sophia Mathieu,
Back-end Developer!
Hey! I’m Sophia Mathieu,
Back-end Developer!
Hey! I’m Sophia Mathieu,
Back-end Developer!
Hey! I’m Sophia Mathieu,
Back-end Developer!
Hey! I’m Louise Jourdaine, Customer Success Manager!
Hey! I’m Josefiina Korhonen, Circular Economy Specialist!
Hey! I’m Pauline Omnes,
Relation Clients!
Hey! I’m Erwan Bonniot,
Back-end Engineer!
Hey! I’m Utuje Nadine,
Marketing Manager!

Our leaders

Anna Balez


Anna is one of the European pioneer in implementing B2C and B2B circular business models. Serial entrepreneur, she is the sparring partner and expert ambitious companies want to have absolutely at the table when comes the moment to address the circular economy question.

Timothée Emery

Co-founder & CTO

Tim is for more than 10 years a tech entrepreneur. He devoted his passion for technology into building products that optimize the use of resources on Earth. He is leading the product development & operations at Lizee.

Join our team!

Lizee team member

If you are deeply driven by making an impact and being part of a company that is a game changer for clients, you are at the right place, let’s have a chat!

Lizee unique vision

In conversation with Anna Balez

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We build change together with

We are part of an ecosystem

We are working together for a better and more sustainable retail industry. We believe working within an ecosystem of engaged partners, platforms and organizations paves the way for more impactful change.

The more professionals there will be to transform the retail industry from linear to circular, the faster the transition will take place.

Make Paris, the capital of more responsible fashion by 2024

They empower businesses, cities and nations to put the circular economy into action.

Makes France one of the greatest places in the world to launch and grow global companies that make sense for our future.

The biggest circular economy advocate worldwide for a better future for business, society and the natural world.

support companies in the implementation of sustainable and re/generative innovation strategies

catalyzes technological advancement by connecting blue chip corporations with the brightest startups across the globe.

acts as a match-making platform between startups, retailers, and investors.

is a global initiative to inspire change and drive the collective movement to make fashion a force for good.

prevents waste & management of the end-of-service life of products on behalf of 5000 companies.

our motvation

We build a legacy

We are building a business that has a positive impact for the planet. All of us are extremely driven by making it happen. We are a heterogeneous team where each one of us does its job to reduce the production of new objects by 2 within the next 10 years.

We hire brilliant and flexible people who can adapt to changing circumstances and handle challenges with a positive attitude and confidence. We build legacy together with our clients and partners.

our way of working

Entrepreneurial team, innovative clients

We wake up everyday to do a job that makes sense and that is rewarding. We collaborate without hierarchy to achieve impact as fast as possible.

Have impact with what we do

We build game-changing solutions for our clients. We are changemakers.

Make space for creativity

We are all entrepreneurs. We ideate and innovate to deliver good results to our clients.

Great communication is a must

We aim for an outstanding communication that maintains the speed of implementation.

No fear of change

Be prepared to change anything that needs changing & upgrade every facet of our operations.

We build a Software-as-a-Service to enable companies to move faster towards a circular economy. We do not have time today to procrastinate on environmental challenges, we need to act now.