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By renting or reselling multiple times, transform your brand into a circular business. Discover your needs, what fits your business the best, launch your pilot project and scale.

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Circular business models have the capacity of displacing more than 200 million tonnes of GHG in the next decade. Make retailers the front-runners of it.

Sustainability meets business

Aim for regenerative growth with improving all of your KPIs

Whether you are Head of Innovation, E-commerce, Head of Sustainability, part of the executive board, you are the leaders of change in your enterprise. Stop depleting resources while still growing your revenue.

Cut CO2 emissions by revenue up to 50% by 2030

Find your rental model with your pilot project and optimize logistics KPIs.

Implement a resale system

Rent it out multiple times instead of only one transaction.

Generate new revenue streams

Be on top of new business models, drive innovation, and grow your e-commerce ROI.

Enhance customer relationships

Change from product to service model. Extend your customer lifetime value.

Get ahead of resource scarcity

Every item not sold is saving resources. Reduce water footprint by 9.

Business transformation

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Are you ready to implement circular solutions?

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Rent or second-hand? Which customers? Which ROI?

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Re-commerce, a must for 2022

market assessment

Are your customers ready to buy second-hand or to rent?

Resale offer launch

2 months to meet your customers needs

Get the necessary flexibility to test and optimize what works best for your retail business, within a few months.

  • Finetune the right business model: A-la-carte, Rental subscription, Date-to-date rental, Second-hand purchase
  • Choose products and tailor your offer
  • Fast go-to-market
  • Launch pilot

We need to align our internal teams to launch these projects.

Are our customers ready for that? What can we expect in terms of ROI?

We want a all-in-one partner that can help launching our circular offer in a lean way.

Lizee’s experts designed a profitable rental and second-hand model for our company, ready to launch in a very short amount of time.

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Resale software technology

Manage your resale operations

Get adapted software technology to support your operations from Order Management to Refurb/Return Warehouse Management.

  • Take-back, order, return & refurb management in one tool
  • Implement best logistics processes
  • Optimize product for rental and resale
  • Marketing analytics tools & dashboarding
  • Open API and multiple features tailored to your business

Lizee proposed our team several software building blocks to integrate in our warehouses and on our e-commerce websites.

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Resale impact tracking

Optimize your business KPIs

Wether for sustainability, logistics or business performance, together monitor, iterate and improve processes to improve ROI - using tracked data from Lizee’s GDPR compliant analytics tool.

  • Ensure CSR impact
  • Cover ESG risks
  • Increase customer lifetime value & top-line growth
  • Grow ROI of your e-commerce
  • Optimize logistics KPIs and processes

From yearly sustainability targets to margin per piece and other operational performance,  Lizee’s tool, data tracking and experience secured the improvement of our KPIs.

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Role, Company

Futureproofed and high-performing organizations start with us. Lizee is the only worldwide tool to cover you for the full journey.

Resale pilot to scale made easy

Implementation 100% managed by Lizee

We have the know-how and the technology, you have the products. Partner with us to launch your rental offer.

Build re-commerce front-end website
Set-up order management system
Industrialize refit process
Implement return-Warehouse Management System
Acquire new products thanks to take-back programs
Re-commerce website
Order Management System
Return-Warehouse Management System
Integrated GDPR compliant analytics
Re-commerce Management System
Rental and second-hand commerce

Across all industries for brands and retailers

While the legal framework is narrowing with the ban to destroy unsold non-food items by incineration from January 2022, capitalizing on your unsold inventory, customer returns or products from your take-back programs goes hand-in-hand with the new horizons of circular business models.

Sport Equipment
Furnitures & DIY
Pregnancy & kids
why you should invest right now

Thrive into a world where resources are exhausted

Our world is heading towards an economy of re-use beyond recycling as primary revalorising process: second-hand, third-hand, fourth-hand, products are used multiple times. Recycling, second-hand, rental, all models work together for organizations to operate a proper circular economy strategy. That is the way to maintain a fertile and regenerative growth.

CO2 emissions cut by 50%

A drastic decrease in GHG emissions must happen to avoid the uncontrollable effects of climate change. 70% of retailers environmental footprint comes from products. Achieve a -82% footprint per product with setting up second-hand and rental models.

Water footprint reduced x9

Water is considered as one of the most endangered resources on Earth and will remain so in the coming decades. Water scarcity is our business too. Time to deploy better strategies for water conservation.

Products as resources

Prices for energy, exhaustion and tough competition for raw materials are on the rise. Stop depleting resources while still growing your revenue.

Decathlon to target 10 to 20% of their revenue by 2026

“The journey is about: learning with our partner what is most efficient, what works or doesn’t, how cost is impacted, what is the most sustainable, where do we learn the most.” Discover their 3 main KPIs here.

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At Lizee, we are early-adopters of the new economy: I pay for using a product and not anymore to own it.

We combine our unique circular economy expertise with the most advanced re-commerce software technology on the market today to support the rapid implementation of circular models.

We demonstrate everyday with our clients the business opportunities, the societal value and how it does make brands futureproofed.