Solution highlights

A 4-step program to build a rental model that works for your business.

For brands aiming to test the rental business model, Lizee has developed a rental lab that helps them launch and find their best offering in only 9 months.

2 weeks

Step 1


Business case

3 rental offers

2 months

Step 2


Ready to rent products

Dedicated white label ecommerce for rentals

6 months

Step 3

Launch & iterate

Up to 500 orders

Rental service

Reverse logistics

Customer acquisition support

Iteration sprints

2 weeks

Step 4


COMEX report

Client database

Product quality report

What we provide



Logistic process

Step 5


After finding the most profitable offering, Lizee supports your brand to scale it big time.

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How it works

A 4 step process to start…


To optimize your chance of success going toward the rental model.

Lizee has developed specific brainstorming workshops.This unique and constructive way will help us co-build a special and original offer that your customers will love.

Renting models

Best offering

Customer target & scope definition

Marketing & communication strategy

Business model & ROI

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During this phase, Lizee will provide you with all the required expertise and tools you need to go live.

Lizee will build your rental website based on our optimized templates.

Integrate all your items into our back-end solution

Tagging and storage of the merchandise in our fully equiped reverse logistics warehouse

A landing page will be launched to start getting feedback and emails.

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Lizee will provide the rental service to the clients in white-label.

Everything is covered for your brand: picking, packing, shipping, return, quality check, alterations and repairs, cleaning and storing.

Continuous improvement of your rental platform

Analytics and reporting

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Lizee will build a COMEX report

to analyze the 6-month pilot and decide on the next steps :


Iterating again

Try another offering

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Once you have reached the targeted amount of orders during the pilot phase

and based on the key learnings we get, Lizee supports you in deploying the most powerful offering.

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Why rent with Lizee?

Grow your business with a better environmental impact by allowing multiple uses of the same product.

Increase revenue and profitability by increasing your margins by 3 (+30%)

Get new predictable recurring revenue from subscribers and reduce your CAC

Get new product quality data to improve your production

Attract new customer segments like millennials and engage them in the long run

Get constant feedbacks from your “renters”

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Our clients

They made it circular.

Jean-Sébastien Tronchon

"Lizee has been a true accelerator for Decathlon going toward rentals. Thanks to Lizee's eCommerce and logistics solution, in less then 2 months we went live with our first dedicated website for rentals. 2 months after our go-live, we already exceed our objectives with daily orders and amazing customer feedback."

CSR at Decathlon

Barruch Ben-Zekry

"At VF, we’re committed to leading our industry into a more sustainable future, which includes a focus on circular business models. Renting product is one of the more profitable and sustainable models out there, but few enablers existed in the market to support our European go-to-market efforts. Thanks to Lizee we were able to accelerate our go-to-market and released our first rental offering for the Kipling brand in just a few months after kicking off the project. They handle the eCommerce and reverse logistics for us so we can focus on our core activities: producing amazing products for our consumers."

New Business Models at VF Corporation

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