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The tech behind rental and second-hand retail

Software technology is essential to manage re-commerce: from an optimized website to rent to warehouse product refurbishing operations, Lizee's technology offers ONE tool to manage it all.

Worldwide leader with its plug-and-play solution, discover how Lizee enables your brand to launch rental or/and resale.

Re-commerce website
Order Management System
Return-Warehouse Management System
Integrated GDPR compliant analytics
Re-commerce Management System
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The all-in-one software technology

A suite of 100+ features to deploy your circular business

One-off rental
On-demand rental
Subscription rental
Try & buy
Second-hand management
Mix basket
In-store rental
Customer journey
Matching audiences
Personas deep dive
KPIs goals setting
Ready-to-use template
Fraude & recouvrement
Your brand guidelines
PSP Integration
Smart APIs
Content Management System
Order management
Customer lists
Margin control
Transactional emails
Operational flow notifications
Carrier integration
Product tagging
Refurbishing management
Operations for various products categories
Carrier integrated partners
Quality digital assistant
Unique PUID management
Product quality process
Instructions categories
Return digital assistant
Smart stock control
Business plan
E-commerce dashboard
Visitor journeys
Accounting dashboard
Customers & products data tracking
After sales & CSM
Transformation rate
Event tracking
Zoom into second-hand

Our latest feature: the mix basket. Connect models strategically.

Mix basket technology

Clients are looking for renting & buying in the same e-commerce experience.

We make it possible in the same basket transaction.

What makes an effective circular economy strategy is that everything is interconnected: rental products go to the 2nd hand circuit, 2nd hand products go to recycling or upcycling, and so on.

We built an end-to-end software technology solution to make it easy and possible to do it all.

Take-back program

Your client’s wardrobe is awaiting for a 2nd hand use.

We enable your clients to re-sell through you and only you.


Make your 2nd hand offer look as desirable as new products on your website.

Together we optimize the sell-through rate.

Refurbishing quality

Make your 2nd hand products as good as new at each round.

We industrialize your quality process to make it cost efficient thanks to our refurb instructions categories.

Lizee Resale Order Management System

From 1 to 100.000 orders: one system for all your circular offers

One of the best of re-commerce software technology? You get a native e-commerce interface connected to an Order Management System made for second-hand and rental.

  • Get a Conversion Rate Optimized front-end
  • Configure the product specs in the CMS catalog your way
  • Enable sale, resale, rental in the same customer transaction
  • Keep your customers updated in real time with transactional notifications
  • One platform to change prices, activate customer promotions & other payment options
  • Scale easily by connecting your existing solutions with smart APIs
Lizee Return-Warehouse Management System

The r-WMS: the secret sauce of the refurbishing process

Discover the number one warehouse management system made and optimized for retail RETURN worldwide. All return operations are now managed with instructional videos, best-of-class processes, quality procedures and logistics assistants all included in Lizee’s tool.

  • Integrate your new circular supply flows to your existing stocks
  • Extend shelf value
  • Develop refurbishing flows tailored to your brand and products
  • Learn how to streamline return processes
  • Improve product performance
  • Get real-time traceability of the entire chain

Future-proofed and high-performing organizations started to shape the Industrial, IT and value chain solutions of tomorrow. Hand in hand with Lizee, start now.

Implement where you want the unique r-WMS solution of Lizee

What’s in it for me to have Lizee as operational partner?

Lizee's return-WMS software technology enables a quick set-up of the return logistics solution. Either you equip your stores or your storage spaces wherever they are, or you externalize it 100% with Lizee during the pilot phase.

Lizee tests every step together with you, from timing the orders' preparation to optimizing every refurbishing process - tailoring its robust r-WMS software technology to fit your products.

Benefit of the warehouse partners

Use Lizee’s network of logistics services for refitting your products both rental and 2nd hand.

Integrate your carriers

Easily connect your preferred and/or existing partners or different and/or new transport solutions.

In-store becomes....

You manage a small stock in your store(s) and Lizee installs its software technology in every store. Your seller becomes a ‘renter’ like a ski rental shop.

Lizee analytics platform

Monitor, iterate & improve to chase ROI

The GDPR compliant data-tracking of Lizee is effective on all parts of the platform, from order to product performance, and includes also all business and sustainability metrics.

  • Web analytics dashboard
  • Order Management System dashboard
  • Aftersale dashboard
  • Logistics operations dashboard
  • Product performance dashboard
  • Accounting dashboard

The one goal we are aiming for is to optimize and confirm the profitability of your re-commerce model. We iterate together as a team till we find the best way to generate revenues across all our proposed solutions.

Anna Balez

CEO Lizee

Today no partner can approach a market without being an APized Software-as-a-Service guaranteeing integration, security and compliance. Lizee responds perfectly to this and fortunately because at this stage, for any company, it is a question of capacity and relevance to build this technology while learning from field projects and connecting it to the information systems of a big organization.
Yann Carré

Decathlon, Lead Rent & Lease

Lizee business story

The right products for the right circular model for today’s customers

It’s a story about business transformation, about starting an adventure, taking risks and solving the sustainability challenge. It’s also about:

  • managing a mix of circular models: one-off rental, subscription rental, lease, repair, buy
  • tailoring the offers to different markets & products
  • optimizing KPIs: margin, client satisfaction...
  • learning about product efficiency and footprint

We will be happy if re-commerce does represent 10-20% of our overall revenues worldwide by 2026. But the legislation framework can change radically so better be prepared for any contingency.

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