Sustainable Impact

Limit your environmental impact.

Our data-driven solution is designed to allow your brand to extend the lifespan of your products, reduce the unnecessary use of resources and limit your environmental impact.

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Real Environmental Results

Our mission is to jumpstart the circular economy revolution!


The retail industry must evolve and reduce its impact.

Limited Ressources

Today we consume 300% more resources per year than 3 decades ago.


85% of our clothes end up in landfills and less than 1% are recycled.

Water Use

Over 25% of global water use and 15% of Greenhouse gas emmisions are attributed to the retail industry

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We are working together for a better retail industry.


As pioneers in the industry, we’ll show you the ropes of the circular economy.


average number of weeks it takes to launch your circular project.


average number of rotations per rented product.




average reduction in CO2 emissions per rented product.

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Change is possible!

Change is possible!

Change is possible!

Change is possible!

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Circular business models have the capacity of displacing more than 200 million tonnes of GHG in the next decade.