Webinar series: Retail recommerce, the new competitive advantage

Business models
for the retail circular economy 💚

Replay this webinar to discover the circular business models of the re-commerce economy. How will the retail value chain find the right business model?

Are you looking to offer rental or resale solutions? Or are you new to the logics of circular business models?

Do you want to quickly deploy, optimize and scale
a powerful re-commerce offering?

Are you struggling to make a first move to find the right business model for your organization?

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This webinar is
hosted by
the experts:

Yann Carré
Leader Rent & Lease at
Anna Balez
CEO of  , specialist of recommerce's implementation
The customers of brands like Decathlon are more than ready for rental and other circular offers. Why? For a long time, they have built the right innovative customer relationship. Is the "rent"-button on the website the cherry on the cake, or the first step of a major economical transition?

(Anna Balez, CEO Lizee)

Who should watch
this webinar?

Head of Innovation

It's time to master the CBM's (Circular Business Models) where economic value meet multiple teams' KPIs.

Running business pilots either internally or by engaging collaborations requires you to navigate the questions arising from your teams:

👉  What's the winning model?
👉  What's the ROI?
👉  For which audience?

Discover in this webinar how choices are made and business models shaped.

Head of E-commerce

Uncovering the right CBMs (Circular Business Models) for your organization while taking e-commerce to the next step is the journey we want.

As a master of e-commerce, you will navigate these different models with play and ease to make the most of them.  

You know solutions of the future lie there: improvement of products' LTV, top line growth, ... 🌱

Time to dive into it!

Head of Sustainability & CSR managers

On the road to circular economy and as a leader of change, you discuss at the table:

👉   the panel of possible solutions
👉   their implications in business results
👉   CSR KPIs
👉   long-term versus short-term benefits.

Confronting every CBMs (Circular Business Models) to where your organization is heading is part of your responsibility. 👌

Join us to understand better how CBMs are developed.

Replay the first webinar of the Webinar series: Retail recommerce, the new competitive advantage

Who are our experts
at the roundtable?

Yann Carré

Product & Solution Manager - Decathlon

Decathlon has implemented more than one circular business model - time to discover how this offering joined and opened a new era. Yann will answer all our questions.

Anna Balez

CEO - Lizee

One of the European pioneer in implementing B2C and B2B circular business models is Anna. Serial entrepreneur, she is the sparring partner and expert ambitious companies want to have absolutely  at the table when comes the moment to address the circular economy question.

Don't miss the first webinar of the Webinar series: Retail recommerce, the new competitive advantage

What can you learn
from this webinar?

What are the different CBMs (Circular Business Models)?

Rental with subscription, prorated days, second hand, re-sale, try & buy, ...

How do CBMs work, for which audience, which products?

Are we talking about existing customers or are we targeting new audiences? How do we choose one above another one? How do we prioritize?

What are the first steps to implement them? What are the main challenges? What about scalability?

How do we begin? What are the first steps? What is change and what is business-as-usual? How do you address with your different teams the challenges? How much time does it take? What does the journey look like?

Who is Lizee?

Lizee is one of the worldwide pioneering leaders in the field of circular retail value chain. Beyond its software technology, the team has disrupted circular models and propose a full implementation journey to accompany any organization. The result: finding their recommerce model, mixing rental and/or resale, by practice within a few months.