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Lizee is your solution to quickly deploy and scale the most powerful recommerce offers, mixing rental and resale. High impact, fast ROI!


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End-to-end recommerce solution:

Enabling brands and retailers to handle the whole rental and resale cycle with one solution only.

Want to launch your products in the reuse economy? Lizee offers a complete data driven SaaS solution, the Reuse Management System, combined with outsourced managed reverse logistics services, that easily allows your businesses to join the circular economy and to adapt to changing consummer behaviors. With Lizee, launch, pilote and scale your best rental & resale offer in just a couple of weeks.

We help brands extend their products’ lifespan, improve their environmental impact, cleare inventory, acquire new consumers and develop new and greener revenues.

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How it works:

Grow your circular business

kickstart your recommerce platform


Refurbishing operated by the distribution center using Lizee’s RMS

  • Significant improvement in environmental impact
  • Rental frequencies


Orders sent to distribution center’s WMS

  • Preparation efficiencies
  • Stock anticipation


Returns operated by the distribution center with Lizee’s RMS

  • Delivery efficiencies
  • Returns anticipation time


Refurbishing operated by the distribution center using Lizee’s RMS

  • Products lifetime
  • Product efficiencies


Resale option on the same platform for the items taken out from the rental stock

  • Best resale price


In only 2 months, we help you pick the most powerful features from our solution to build a tailor made recomerce solution that best suits your business: from subscription to date-to-date rental with or without purchase option. We have more than 100 features waiting for you!



With our data driven solution, brands have direct access to dashboards, measuring KPIs and margins, collecting customers and products feedback (NPS) and following what happens at the warehouse level (refurbishing and logistics) to ensure service quality.



Our test & learn approach allows to quickly highlight the best for your recommerce business. To take it to the next level, our smart API can be connected to your existing eCommerce platform and to your Warehouse Management System (WMS) to make them circular ready.

Why choose Lizee?

All the heavy lifting is done and retailers reap the financial rewards.


our team of 30 change makers and recommerce experts already helps 20 international brands to take back their circular shoppers with high quality and security standards


Our data-driven and omnichannel recommerce technology, the Reuse Management System, help you scale your rental and resale operations thanks to powerful and unique data.

An end to end solution

100+ features to help you build your best recommerce business. We handle the whole reuse cycle: from in-store and online rental management, all the way to the shipping, returns, refurbishing, resale and recycling (or donation) of your products.

Customer success

After go-live, a team of experts is dedicated to help you achieve your financial and sustainable goals.

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Why joining the circular commerce revolution?

Make retail a sustainable industry while profitable

Retail has become one of the most polluting industry and consumers are rapidly reacting by shifting their purchasing behaviors. Consumers are beginning to understand that the things they use are not goods, but instead resources that can continue their life long after their initial use. Real change is necessary, the "take, make & waste" model needs to come to an end to allow for the flourishing of a new circular economy.




in carbon footprint if an item is reused rather than bought new

1 in


products should be traded through circular business models by 2030



of our clothes end up in landfills and less than 1% are recycled

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Change is possible!

Change is possible!

Change is possible!

Change is possible!

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Circular business models have the capacity of displacing more than 200 million tonnes of GHG in the next decade.