From selling to renting

The solution to kickstart your rental business.

With Lizee, launch and validate your rental offer - hassle-free - in only 9 months.

The vision

Let’s change the way people engage with your products.

The retail industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, a circular business model is part of the solution.

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From selling to renting

A 4-step program to build a rental model that works for your business.

For brands aiming to test the rental business model, Lizee has developed a rental lab that helps them launch and find their best offering in only 9 months.

2 weeks

Step 1


Business case

3 rental offers

2 months

Step 2


Ready-to-rent products

Dedicated white label e-commerce for rentals

6 months

Step 3

Launch & iterate

Up to 500 orders

Rental service

Reverse logistics

Customer acquisition support

Iteration sprints

2 weeks

Step 4


COMEX report

Client database

Product quality report

What we provide



Logistic process

Step 5


After finding the most profitable offering, Lizee supports your brand to scale it big time.

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Business case

A kid's jacket

Lizee has already helped an outdoor clothing and gear company to increase its gross margins using our platform to rent jackets.

Classic selling model

Cost of good
10 - 20$
Sold once
Gross Profit

Lizee selling model

Cost of good
10 - 20$
Can be rented 8x
39 x 8 = 312$
Gross Profit
+ 300 %
in gross profit

Jean-Sébastien Tronchon

"Lizee has been a true accelerator for Decathlon going toward rentals. Thanks to Lizee's eCommerce and logistics solution, in less then 2 months we went live with our first dedicated website for rentals. 2 months after our go-live, we already exceed our objectives with daily orders and amazing customer feedback."

CSR at Decathlon

Barruch Ben-Zekry

"At VF, we’re committed to leading our industry into a more sustainable future, which includes a focus on circular business models. Renting product is one of the more profitable and sustainable models out there, but few enablers existed in the market to support our European go-to-market efforts. Thanks to Lizee we were able to accelerate our go-to-market and released our first rental offering for the Kipling brand in just a few months after kicking off the project. They handle the eCommerce and reverse logistics for us so we can focus on our core activities: producing amazing products for our consumers."

New Business Models at VF Corporation

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