Vaude Germany: outdoor rentals

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The Vaude brand launched its outdoor products rental service in Germany in 2022, in partnership with Lizee, the circularity management software. In just a few weeks, Vaude was able to offer a wide range of high-end products to its customers, providing an eco-friendly alternative to buying new equipment.

Lizee's reliability has enabled Vaude to efficiently manage its inventory and track its rented products in real time, offering an easy and convenient rental service to its customers.

Vaude's rental service has been very well received by outdoor enthusiasts in Germany. Customers were delighted to be able to take advantage of a wide choice of top-quality products for their outdoor activities, while respecting the environment.

Thanks to Lizee, Vaude was able to efficiently manage its inventory and ensure the availability of its most popular products, providing a reliable and convenient rental experience for its customers. Using Lizee also enabled Vaude to easily track its rented products and retrieve them in a timely manner, contributing to customer satisfaction and reducing its environmental footprint.


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