Gémo, maternity wear rental by subscription

Online rental platform, WMS, RMS, TMS
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Website: https: //location.gemo.fr/

In 2022, Gemo decided to start renting products for expectant mothers, in partnership with Lizee. Thanks to this innovative service, Gemo was able to quickly offer a wide range of products for pregnant women, from maternity wear to practical accessories.
The Lizee software enabled Gemo to efficiently manage its stock and offer a unique user experience for expectant mothers.

Since its launch, Gemo's rental service for pregnant women has been a resounding success. Mums-to-be are delighted to be able to rent quality products tailored to their needs, while saving money at the same time. Moms-to-be have been able to easily find clothes adapted to their changing morphology, without having to invest in outfits that will only last a few months. This offer has enabled Gemo to strengthen its presence in the fashion market for pregnant women, by offering an innovative and environmentally-friendly service.


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