Quiksilver & Roxy rent out ski and surf suits

The air is fresh, the mountains and oceans beckon for a new adventure, and the question that often arises is, "What to pack?"

The answer to this major concern comes from Quiksilver & Roxy, two of the most iconic names in extreme sports. And the best part? They've teamed up with Lizee to make this innovation a reality.

Rental, Quicksilver's circular economy

1. Simplicity & Fluidity: The Customer at the Heart of the Experience

In an age when everything has to be instantaneous, consumer expectations are clear: simplicity, speed, flexibility. Lizee's redesigned rental system makes life easier for wetsuit and surfboard renters. In just a few clicks, they choose their next adventure outfit, receive the products and, once the adventure is over, send them back. No hassle, no fuss.

2. Ecoresponsibility: More than a word, a commitment

The traditional model of ownership is sometimes called into question. Today's consumers are aware of their ecological footprint and are looking for sustainable, economical alternatives. Thanks to rental, products live several lives, reducing their environmental impact. When an item is designed to be used, not to sit in a cupboard, the planet is the first to benefit.

3. Accessibility & Space: Freedom

Far from the constraints of ownership, rental offers the freedom to explore without the hindrance of clutter. It's also an opportunity for those who live far from natural playgrounds to have easy access to Quiksilver-quality equipment. It's the promise of a home free of the superfluous, a lighter spirit, and a return to the essentials.

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